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ETHEROS is a complete, decentralized world in the form of a platform providing a social application based on Blockchain Ethereum with elements of virtual reality play (VR), where users (players) obtain or buy specified “fragments” of space, place, or thing using the native Etheros token (ETS). The native token of the application can be obtained with the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Etheros is not only a decentralized platform but also a concept of a new decentralized world where everyone can become the owner and the user of any place or thing according to their imagination. This is a world where social balance, with clear-cut and transparent rules, and respect for property give a new opportunity to all people regardless of their location or social status.

Etheros gives new digital value to every person and to everything that is created or discovered in a virtual world created in the likeness of Earth. Etheros is a representation of the world we live in, where everyone can get something for themselves forever.

Further down the road, each user can freely manage their space, place, and everything contained in it, as well as buy and sell everything of value from and to other users. Thanks to this value, built by each user individually, his financial situation and the of many other people can change. Most importantly, though, each such value can be preserved as a store of value, or it can be sold, transferred to other people or entities.

In the current, commercialized world, a lot of companies and corporations would like to participate in modern undertakings, and the need for marking their role and standing out from their competitors forms an opportunity for the owner of the given value to achieve financial gain. At the same time, it is an important image and marketing factor to such enterprises and corporations, one which gives additional opportunities to derive benefits from an owned value.

Every owner of a place, space, or thing determines its purpose. At first, users obtain a square space measuring 1 km2. Every such square is defined by a set of Cartesian coordinates (x, y) on a map. This applies to all continents, lands, and islands. Seas and oceans are not owned by anyone but are the common good of all users of the entire Etheros world. Each area (square) acquired by a user is a transferable digital resource based on the Ethereum Blockchain. To obtain one’s own space, it is necessary to buy the native Etheros token or its part, referred to as Etos, during presale and via decentralized protocols and exchanges. On this basis, the user can perform any activity in the application and take various actions, not available in such an advanced form before. Whitepaper on our web page presents the concept of the planet Etheros, its technical conditions, and the economic system — a new, fair Earth, decentralized among its users.

12 Reasons to Invest in the Etheros Token!

You will need the Etheros (ETS) token to act in that new world — to invest, trade money and exchange goods and funds. You will also be able to use it for trading on an exchange and making long-term investments.

The ETS token can be bought with different cryptocurrencies, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT (the digital dollar, a so-called stablecoin), BNB, LTC and more.

Do you already have your Etheros token? Get to know its 12 incredible utilities!


The ETS token allows trading. This is a full-value token based on the ERC20 standard (Ethereum) and the BEP20 standard (Binance Smart Chain). You can trade it on exchanges for the most popular currency pairs, e.g. BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, BNB LTC etc.


Investment-wise you will be able to get much higher returns by buying and selling spaces in the Etheros world.

Imagine a situation where you purchase the token for 1 dollar in a private or public sale. You use that token to buy a space, which you later put up for sale for 40 dollars (e.g. 1 km2 in Los Angeles). This equals a profit of 3900%. Hardly any other cryptocurrency will give you such an opportunity to make money at present. We’re expecting much higher gains that will break the current records set in the community, and lead to even higher gains.


The Etheros token is deflationary (just like Bitcoin). On the other hand, traditional currencies are inflationary: this is why their purchasing power drops over time, e.g. the today’s United States dollar is a mere shadow of what it was worth 30 years ago. Therefore, a token such as Etheros is the best way to store your capital. Holding ETS coins raises their price because their number on the market is limited. If Bitcoin users did not hold BTC but kept selling them, their price would not go up as considerably as it does. Holding a token in the long term allows it to grow in price.


The ETS token allows you to earn a passive income in several forms. One of the most popular involves holding a space, rich in valuable raw materials that are needed by users who create goods and services. You just have to be their supplier or generate a licence for mining. The profits will keep coming in.


No goal would make sense if it didn’t create value of its own in the long term. Let’s use education as an example. Since our early years, we have been investing in our development and skills, we’ve been widening our horizons and acquiring experience. All that is the inheritance that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. At the time of our death, some of that knowledge and achievements will turn into oblivion.

But what if we could keep a portion of that treasure? In the only durable and modern form available today — as the digital asset, secured on a blockchain? This is possible with Etheros! Everything you create and give value to will be remembered after you are no longer. The space, all goods, and whatever you would like to leave to your loved ones can be inherited. This is why you should not worry about the profits, goods, spaces or hidden assets you own in the Etheros world. You can appoint a successor to your wealth at any time using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

6. NFT

Looking at the developing NFT business, you might conclude that this is yet another interesting way to digitize everything unique. However, there’s no visual place where NFT owners could present their works, sell them or create them in a newer form in a complete ecosystem of interconnected structures.

The Etheros world comes to the rescue — its solutions are a perfect fit for implementing non-fungible tokens. NFTs in the Etheros world can be employed in a lot of ways known today. For instance, you can use them to release unique digital objects created by users in the given space. Those tokens can be collectables, products, digital works, licences, certificates or something else (all depends on the users’ creativity).


The entire Etheros world consists of square areas called spaces and measuring 1 km². The total number of spaces is limited to 148,940,000 (it exactly matches the surface area of Earth). Owning the ETS token allows you to buy any space in that virtual world. Then you can use and develop it according to your imagination. Without it, it will be difficult to build or extract something.

Fancy owning New York? Or Rome? Or perhaps the Bahamas Islands? We have no doubts that the most well-known places on Earth will be the first to find their owners. The whole virtual world is available. The token lets you buy a space in the Etheros world and manage it at your discretion. There’s no doubt that the most popular places on Earth will steal the show. Who wouldn’t like to own New York? Or some islands in the Pacific Ocean? Or historic sites in Europe? It is you, the user, who decides.


The Etheros world enables businesses to advertise themselves. One of the traditional solutions in this department is an advertisement placed on spaces or buildings belonging to users. Having said that, there are many, many more ideas to expand advertising. For a businessman to be able to settle with a space owner, he needs to have the ETS token (which it will be able to buy from holders).

In the Etheros world, such advertisements can be bought, for instance by businesses. However, for an entity to advertise itself, it has to own the ETS token. It will serve to settle accounts with the owners of spaces, their lessees or the end-users, who can offer advertising on the structures they create. Or in any other form that can be commercialized.


By buying the ETS token, you enter the world of decentralized finance, independent of third parties and financial institutions. It is you who becomes the real owner of your space. Not a bank. Thanks to the dedicated Payment System, you can take part in peer-to-peer payments.


Imagine a situation where another user, or simply your acquaintance, who has their own space in the Etheros world, needs some funds for investment. You can lend them money by sending it via the internal instant messenger in a matter of several clicks. This is allowed by one of the systems working in Etheros — i.e. the Payment System, incomparably cheaper and faster than the one currently offered by the expensive and sluggish Ethereum.


Thanks to the ETS token, it will be possible to pay for everything the users of Etheros create in that world: from buildings to extracted raw materials. ETS can also pay for various services: e.g. lease, tenancy or delivery of raw materials or rare works, such as works of art, licences, certificates or other digital goods, which (while we’re about it) can also be transformed into NTFs.


To be able to take part in auctions, you have to possess the ETS token. This is a prerequisite for bidding and buying the spaces and goods put up for auction. This works the other way round as well. It is possible to sell anything by auction and the payment will be made using the ETS token.


Buying the ETS token gives you many possibilities of earning a profit. This is also an opportunity about which we have never written before — the details will be released in 2022. At this moment we can only hint that possessing the token will let you have something tangible in the real world and will be a form of a desirable access card, so to speak.

Don’t waste any more time and join this exclusive world combining Etheros with reality!

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