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The Main Problems That Future Updates Will Address

Axie Infinity is a rapidly growing NFT game. It has already come a long way over the past few years, and it looks like the developers aren’t planning to slow down, making the game better and better. This is the first Play To Earn video game that really blew up in popularity, which led to both good things and bad ones. The bad ones are that the economy of this game, which revolves around SLP – the game’s own exchange currency and an in-game item has risen in stock which in turn reduced its market price. The Axie Infinity token price has dropped quite considerably because players have been earning this currency in huge amounts. Consequently, the actual price of Axie Infinity SLP today stands at around 0.01$. This is 15% less than its average value. Based on that, the developer’s plan is to fix this issue in future updates, and it’s exactly what they’re going to be doing soon. They’ve been looking for ways to burn SLPs to even out the supply and the burn ratio, which will stabilize the economy. What also contributes to the poor Axie Infinity SLP to USD exchange rate is the axies. SLPs are used for breeding, and there are now so many new monsters that they too have lost their value to some extent. And since the two things are correlated, the economy suffers. The fact that the breeding cost Axie Infinity is pretty high doesn’t change the overall picture, sadly.

Lunar New Year Is Going To Be Special This Year

Some really great steps have been taken to remedy these issues. As of right now, the developers are preparing a test for a new burning mechanic. Essentially, you will be able to let go of your Axie monsters, and as a parting gift, they will leave you with exclusive items to be placed on your Lunacia land. A bit of clarification here is due – Lunacia is an in-game open world where players can own patches of land to use for crafting and other benefits. So, AI is not just about breeding and fighting monsters. This is exactly why this is the best NFT game 2021. But let’s get back to our topic.

For now, that test is time-limited. This means that for the 30 days, only players will be able to release their Axies and get those items. This test is also tied to the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration. Therefore the items received for “burning” Axies are all themed after this event. Those items have their own drop chances:

  • 1% – Crimson Tiger
  • 9% – Lucky Lantern
  • 20% – Blossom Tree
  • 35% – Traditional Snack Box
  • 35% – Assorted Firecrackers

However, some people might think that these items aren’t motivating enough to part with their Axies. The developers understand that, which is why they are holding a giveaway of more unique Axie World items. The price of entry – a release of a monster. The more monsters you release, the more entries into the raffle you’ll get.

More Ways To Improve The Game

This test is just the first one, and there will be more as time goes by. The original ETA for the update is set to the Q3 of 2022, so there will be enough time to test the changes. They are working towards the correct solutions, the first ones of which will be tested soon. Perhaps in the future, we will see more Axie Infinity SLP rewards changes if that’s something the developers will deem necessary to tinkering with.

But it is definitely a good start. If you proceed to the Axie release page, you’ll be able to see just how many people have already released their Axies. They’re already over 75,000 released monsters. And it’s basically like day 2 of the test!

As we know, besides breeding, players use their Axies to battle each other using cards. So, there are, of course, things like the Axie card explorer for those who wish to learn about what kinds of cards are there in the game and what they do. And the reason we are bringing this up is that the card battler is a separate game mode from the Axie management sim. Other game modes are also in the works where you’ll be able to use your Axies in certain ways to earn more money. The developers want these game modes to be community-driven. They want players to participate in the development of these game modes. As a result, the devs have come up with the so-called Builders Program.

Build Your Own Axie-Game

Yes, the title means exactly what it says. The developers are issuing 5000$ to participants of their initiative to let them build their own games in the Axie universe. It’s going to be more than just the crypto card game. The total capital is around 400,000$ for this program. This money is used to fund those new games slash stand-alone game modes. What’s amazing is that these games can be monetized just like any other game. So, potentially, there are real benefits for community members to try and build their own games within the universe! What’s really interesting is the fact that it makes AI unique in the first place. It’s the Axie Scholarship program that allows other players to play your monsters instead of you. One can only wonder how this feature will be iterated upon in community-made games. Because there are big organizations such as LFcarry that help Axie owners with limited time to find players who will help them earn more for less time spent.

With that in mind, imagine the different genres of games where Axie monsters could be in – the racing, platformers, maybe even a battle royale! All of this is pretty exciting, so it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for new Axies games in the future! Lastly, we’d like to leave you with one more piece of information. If you are looking to increase your profits in the game without having to spend more time playing it or get the Axis MMR boost, we suggest searching for LFcarry farming offers. Scholarships are programs that are officially supported by the game developers themselves, so there’s absolutely no reason you should be spending 6-10 hours a day to get the top MMR axie cards or anything else.

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